Perpetua is part social network game, part puzzle game, and part digital pet - except that the "pet" is a DaVinci-inspired perpetual motion machine designed by an eccentric engineer.





As you maintain and care for the machine, it will generate more and more electricity; and you'll need plenty of it if you're going to power the droves of steampunk devices that you can unlock and place.

Perpetua follows an apprentice engineer who has been willed a workshop full of strange gadgets and tools. It's up to you to solve the puzzle of the wheel, maintain its power generation levels, and design a workshop - and eventually a world - full of steampunk machines!


The game currently has 8 powerable machines and 2 workshop stages, but we're hard at work making more! Perpetua is our first game, and we need you to tell us what you would like to see!

Future updates will contain:

  • More of everything!
    • Powerable machines - design complicated machines that interact with the environment
    • Workshop stages - explore, design, and power the engineer's estate
    • Puzzles to assemble at the beginning of every stage
  • Game Center functionality
    • Compete with your friends and earn achievements! Become the best apprentice engineer!