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Three’s company, too

When I was a lad in daycare, two things were cool: Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. Come the very next Christmas, I had my own Game Boy Color and a copy of Blue Version. Choosing Bulbasaur on that cold, wintry morning marked the enthusiastic start to a career I’d claim as my own some day.

Getting into games is actually a lot like playing Pokémon; there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had from expanding your collection and picking favorites. At some point, though, you embark on a more arduous journey. In your quest to surmount the Elite Four, you forget Tail Whip, you breed for the right nature, and you pierce the secrecy of EVs and IVs. The day comes for some of us when experiencing games is no longer enough—we must make them.

I’m Michael Blohm, and I have a prob—drea—where am I going with this…? I make games with the other fine folks here. We want to talk about the big and little things about games and about our work. Whether it’s how a super common mechanic should work in my (not particularly) humble opinion or an indictment of some dead-end trajectory for the industry, its culture, or its games, I think you’ll find some fascinating nuance here.

Of course there are some important questions to answer about ourselves… What does Lightborne Lore want to be? What are we trying to accomplish? Can we learn Solar Beam? Do we even lift? Maybe we’ll approach answers to those along the way.

One answer I’d like to give: Lightborne Lore is evolving visual novels, pushing the medium into new territory. I like the idea of hitting our stride at the edge of what visual novels can be. I have some thoughts on where those edges are and where we might find ourselves in relation to it. Soon, my dear reader. Soon.

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    Response: download gameboy
    The Gameboy Advance which is shortened to GBA is a successor to the Game Boy Color. It was a handheld gaming console released in Japan.
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