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Someone's gotta go first

At some point in the process of developing a video game, particularly your first, it benefits one to have an outlet. The conceit that one must spend a good swathe of their time sweating and staring at a screen to make their dreams come true, while also finding time to do things that actually put food on the table (and maybe have a life if there’s time) is a nearly immutable pillar of independent software development. Dealing with that is part and parcel of success, and what better way to deal than to vent into a void? Even if that void occasionally vents back.

That’s what this dev blog is. On the long road to publishing our next game, we all decided we’d like to have a place where each member of the team, once a month or so, can say anything they feel like they need to say. This isn’t going to be limited to the development of our projects, though there will certainly be plenty of that. But as time goes on, expect to see everything here from slapdash regurgitations of recently reviewed media to anonymous observations about the strange Athenians who wander past our office windows. Or pretty much anything else we feel like saying, with none of that pesky corporate vetting!

A good place to start is an introduction. My name is Jay Chaffin. I’m a writer and designer for LL, and an amateur seventies throwback in my spare time. I joined up with Lightborne shortly after its founding by my friends Kyle and Mike and it’s been an interesting, at times stressful, often enlightening span of time since then. If you’re looking for something to mentally distinguish me in your head, I’m the one who enjoys reading books, both those that your high school English classes were scientifically engineered to make you hate, and good ones. I also stare at history’s butt as it walks by.

- Jay

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