Why Lightborne Lore?


Everyone has a story to tell.

Ours starts in the summer of 2010 when a few students at Ohio University decided to create their own rules, their own worlds.

Turns out passion alone doesn't keep a team together. The past several years have been a strange a difficult journey for all of us, but the fire has never died completely.

I'm trying to fan the coals.


Our games are downloadable
Not disposable.

Though transmitted wirelessly to iOS and Android devices, somewhere along the way our media must travel through fiber optic cable - borne through the web on rays of light. See what we did there?

Perpetua is part puzzle game and part digital pet — except that the pet is a DaVinci-inspired perpetual motion machine designed by an eccentric genius. Maintain the machine, design your workshop, and become the best apprentice engineer! Perpetua was released for iOS in December 2011.

Breaking and entering has never been this fun...or this legal. Follow Gavin Pike IV as he discovers Harvest Park High School's dark conspiracy in this iOS and Android puzzle adventure game. The development of Cracked was funded via Kickstarter, and was crucial in the formation of Lightborne Lore. We are forever grateful to all of our backers and supporters.

The Year Without Summer
The Year Without Summer is a free demo of our in-house visual novel engine, designed to showcase a sample of what we can accomplish with it. Telling the short, self-contained story of two individuals and their final meeting, TYWS served as a basic proving ground for our team members, and is (length aside) the first completed visual novel of any sort we’ve created with our engine.